Careers in Healthcare?

Many people have written to us expressing their concerns about their children who are just entering the healthcare field.  One of the most common questions is: will my son or daughter be required to take a flu shot?  Is there a way to decline it?

Unfortunately, to work in the mainstream medical field, one gives up significant personal freedoms to remain employed and employable. Those who do not agree with "vaccinate everybody everywhere for everything" will face the demand to take a growing list of mandated vaccines or be fired. 

Do you want your son or daughter working in such an environment?

Look closely at the underlying assumptions, ethics and values of the potential careers for your daughter or son. For example, read about her experience in light of what might be best for your child's future. Compare Dr Suzanne's experience to the Johns Hopkins mandatory flu vaccination program and be certain that this is the kind of environment you would want your child building a career in. 

Is it possible to be a free, independent, critical thinker in healthcare today?  

Fortunately, complementary and alternative healthcare is thriving, offering a viable alternative for people interested in the healthcare field.

January 7, 2019 update:  we have received reports that some healthcare workers have been able to avoid the MMR vaccine, which contains human protein/DNA from aborted fetal cell lines, by using their state's religious exemption law.  

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