We receive a lot of questions about how to opt-out of one or more vaccines.

To learn more about how to opt out of some or all school vaccines, visit the National Vaccine Information Center's State Law and Vaccine Requirements page and click on your state.  Read everything about your state carefully - it is VERY important to know the law.  In our experience, many doctors, public health officials and schools will NOT tell you the truth; instead, they will make it sound like you have no choice but to give yourself or your child every vaccine.  

A small example of this from Virginia:  school literature makes it look like the HPV vaccine is required for school.  However, if you read the small print, you'll see there is a parent opt-out.  

If you have your own examples of deceptive practices, please send to hello@vaxcalc.org so we can share with the VaxCalc community.

Some states require you to write a statement as part of your exemption.  Here is an example of how you might do that (in this case, its for MA):

"I am exercising my right to a religious exemption for the TDaP vaccine under MA General Law Chapter 76, section 15c because the TDaP immunization is contrary to my sincere and genuine religious beliefs."

It is VaxCalc Labs' official view that every person has the right to choose all, some or no vaccines for ourselves and our children. We believe that mandatory vaccination laws (for children or adults) are fundamentally wrong.  

VaxCalc was designed and created to strengthen and expand individual freedom.  That is our purpose.

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