VaxCalc Community Choice

Up until now, we have been mostly isolated, making decisions on our own without easy access to what other like-minded people are choosing.  VaxCalc is about having the information you need to make your own informed vaccination decisions.  

VaxCalc Community Choice makes it much easier to learn from one another while keeping our individual decisions completely private.  The way VaxCalc Community Choice works is by making it click-a-button easy to reject a vaccine ingredient and to choose one vaccine brand over another.  VaxCalc continually learns from our individual choices and informs us all about the emerging community consensus around what ingredients are unacceptable.  

Here is how it works in 3 steps:

Let's take the example of all possible flu shot brands for a 6 month old infant.  

1. You compare the 7 brands and review the research about their ingredients

2. You reject ingredients you don't want and the brands that contain them, narrowing down the acceptable choices (in this example, we just rejected Thimerosal).  Now, instead of 7 brands, by rejecting Thimerosal, VaxCalc presents us with the remaining 4 brands.

As you can see below, while all the brands contain egg, they have very different ingredients and amounts of ingredients.  For example, you could choose a flu shot with no formaldehyde, or one with 5 mcg, or one with 10-times that amount (50 mcg).

3. Best of all, VaxCalc advises you on what ingredients our community has been rejecting:

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