Is 4,925 mcg of aluminum by age 18 months too much?

Ten years ago, the CDC's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry discovered that injected aluminum can remain in the body for more than 50 years.  (CDC source document in PDF format)

VaxCalc research shows that by age 18 months, a fully vaccinated infant could receive up to 4,925 mcg of aluminum.

Is this safe?  The FDA claims that it is safe because aluminum has been used in vaccines for more than 60 years.  However,  emerging research suggests something different.

According to the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database, a project run by MDI Biological Laboratory & North Carolina State University and funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: increased aluminum correlates with or plays a role in the causation of Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, and Autism Spectrum Disorder  (and many other diseases).

What can you do about this?

VaxCalc helps you minimize potentially toxic exposures by making it easy to compare vaccine brands.

Carefully choosing one brand over another for the same vaccine, in some cases, amounts to an almost 50% reduction in aluminum - or completely avoids it altogether.

By using VaxCalc to discover the cumulative amount of aluminum (or any other vaccine ingredients) EVER received, you can determine whether a different approach to vaccinating is warranted based upon your family health history (such as auto-immune disease, Alzheimers, or allergies).   

Alternatively, use VaxCalc to examine the total amount of all ingredients that could be received if you vaccinate according to a particular schedule, and then request that your doctor provide the specific brands containing fewer potentially toxic ingredients.  

A Profile in Courage
He was "a scientist who fought the food industry and prevailing medical practices for decades until his early warnings about the dangers of trans fats were finally vindicated."

His 2017 obituary in the Washington Post provides an important example of how the FDA along with the scientific and medical establishments do not want to consider information that challenges their deeply held beliefs. 

YOU are the expert on what is best for yourself and your child.  VaxCalc gives you the information and research you need to make your own decisions today.

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