Pregnancy vaccines

For every vaccine that the CDC recommends for pregnant women, the VaxCalc research team carefully reviews the FDA-approved package insert documentation for whether or not the vaccine has undergone adequate and well-controlled safety and efficacy studies.  This critical information is provided for each "pregnancy vaccine" in VaxCalc's Informed Consent Checklists for pregnancy women.  

It is highly recommended to use Informed Consent Checklists as the basis of informed vaccination decision-making and for discussions with healthcare professionals who are recommending vaccines during pregnancy.  

VaxCalc provides historical vaccine-risk information related to vaccinating pregnant women.  Understanding the historical context of vaccine recommendations provides powerful leverage for the best possible decision-making.  

For example, the table below shows the expansion of influenza vaccination recommendations from 1960 through 2010:

Remember, the CDC promotes vaccination during pregnancy by using cartoons like the one below.  Doctors read it quickly and often that is the extent of their understanding.  

VaxCalc provides instant access to the fine print and what you really need to know - because it's a terrible idea to make medical decisions based upon cartoons. 

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