Identify combination vaccines

Doctors often prefer combination vaccines, which deliver multiple vaccinations in a single shot. For parents, this means fewer office visits.

But is this the best option for your child?

In 2011, employees of a major vaccine manufacturer published a paper that listed what they believe to be the benefits of combination vaccines:

  • allows incorporation of new vaccines into immunization schedules (sell more)
  • reduced administration and storage costs (cheaper for the doctor)
  • higher rates of compliance with complex vaccination schedules (sell more)

Clearly, none of these are benefits for you or your child. 

The authors even go so far to state that safety is not a benefit; in fact, it is the main challenge because it is safer to administer the vaccines separately

With VaxCalc, you'll know when you're being offered a combination vaccine and how you can break it up into multiple shots if you've decided that is the best approach for you and your family.  

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