Compare combination vaccine ingredients

One of the hidden secrets of vaccines that VaxCalc opens up for you is how different brands of the same type of vaccine will have surprising differences in their ingredients.  The differences - even the ingredients themselves - are not considered important by most pediatricians and public health officials.  However, there are toxicity differences and ethical differences that some of us care very much about.

Take the example of the combination vaccine for DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) and polio. 

There are two different brands of the DTaP + polio combination vaccine.  One of the brands contains Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line MRC-5.  For many of us, allowing the injection of human protein/DNA from an aborted fetus poses serious ethical concerns.  

You will find that by using VaxCalc to get clear on what you don't want and what you are willing to accept - and why - you will be in a much better position to have a discussion with your doctor about why it is important to apply the modern practice of individualized healthcare to your vaccination choices.

I subscribed to VaxCalc because my 8 month old daughter has a well baby visit this week and the doctor is going to push vaccines (we're behind schedule because she had two reactions to the first two rounds). I wanted to know exactly what is in the vaccines to have an educated dialogue with my physician.

And guess what?

He wasn't pushy at all when it came to the vaccines - he completely understood my position and I believe his understanding stemmed from me being able to have an open and educated dialogue about the exact contents in the vaccines.

- Carrie, NC

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