Instant ingredient calculations and research

VaxCalc brings food-ingredient label transparency to vaccines.  

Most children today receive multiple shots during their well-visits and almost nobody knows all the ingredients nor the amounts of those ingredients that are being injected.  Try asking your doctor.  She will have no idea at all.

Using VaxCalc, you will immediately discover:

  • all the ingredients 
  • the total amount of all the ingredients
  • the most important research about those ingredients

You want this information before allowing vaccines to be given - because you cannot undo a vaccine once it's injected.  

Let's walk through an example well-visit for 2 month old baby Connor.  Below is the CDC recommended schedule:

It takes just seconds to plug in the 2 month schedule to VaxCalc:

Notice that VaxCalc immediately shows you that baby Connor will receive "8 doses of 8 vaccines in 6 shots, containing multiple doses of 25 ingredients."  That is just the beginning.  VaxCalc also gives you a 14 page detailed report

The report is customized for baby Connor and includes the following sections:

  1. A section for every vaccine you selected
  2. Vaccine injury analysis based upon vaccine injury reports submitted to the US Government
  3. Comparison of ingredients for different brands of the same vaccine

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