Experimental COVID vaccines

A VaxCalc subscription gives you immediate access to our latest analysis of the experimental COVID vaccines that fall under the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization.  


  • what is Coronavirus?
  • what is the COVID-19 death rate according to the CDC?
  • how is the CDC measuring death rate?  are there any other ways to look at the data?
  • who is at risk from COVID-19?
  • what does the CDC's mortality data show us when broken down by age?
  • especially important: what does the CDC's mortality data show us when compared to death from all causes broken down by age?
  • what kind of vaccines are the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines?  How are they supposed to work?  How are they different from traditional vaccines?
  • the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are said to be "safe and effective" -- is this true?
  • what does their emerging vaccine safety record actually look like?
  • what sales pitch are you, your friends and family likely to hear from doctors about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines?
  • is history repeating itself with a rushed vaccine?

You will also learn about most of the ingredients and how one in particular should be strongly considered in your decision-making. 

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